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Quality being one of the foremost importance for us, we ensure that the Manufacturer formulate our medicines as per the industrial standards.
JAWA GROUP is a dynamic multi dimensional organisation with high performance standards built around a strong centre- a large home market base since 1971, Broad product range, Cost- effective manufacturing, efficient distribution-cum–market penetration and substantial finances. The hallmark of every ‘JAWA’ venture is the highest standard of professionalism. Through a diversity of products and services, the single unifying factor is the commitment to quality. The company has already established a global presence and has developed an intimate knowledge and experience of international requirements.
Its success in the world marketplace is a function of the company’s versatility and the excellent infrastructure in terms of highly committed and motivated manpower. “JAWA'S” vision is to put India on the world map of the high-tech pharmaceutical Industry, which till recently was the domain of multinational companies of the developed world. Today, JAWA’S involvement in Pharmaceuticals is complete with the establishment of manufacturing units where advanced technology and the most modern equipment ensure production comparable with the best of the world.
JAWA’S Pharmaceutical manufacturing units in India are at JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN) & GURGAON (HARYANA). Ultramodern facilities in pollution free environment of Jaipur & Gurgaon, offer sophisticated capabilities for the manufacture of high quality formulations.The units are designed and maintained to confirm to Schedule M and GMP specification.“JAWA” is widely known for its ophthalmic range of Medicines through out the country and abroad. It has been our constant endeavour to provide the latest information of our products. JAWA has earned and is enjoying its own goodwill and reputation in the country.Our Jaipur manufacturing plant has recently been accreditated to conforming to GMP requirements as per WHO-norms.
Thus JAWA has been rendering services to he Eye Patients since long period. It has always been our endeavour to give them complete satisfaction by providing them our unique Ophthalmic Range of our Medicines like HYPERSOL-5 Eye Drops, HYPERSOL-6 Eye Ointment, CHLOROCOL-H Eye Ointment, Nistin Eye Ointment, Nistin-C Eye Ointment, Cylomid Eye Drops, Aminogen-Eye Drops, Itral Drops & Ointment, SULPHACHLOR Eye Drops, ATROCHLOR-D Eye Drops and many more. Our Complete range of Ophthalmic preprations have been very well accepted and appreciated by renowned Opthalmic Surgeons of India.
JAWA believes that manpower is the Company’s most valuable asset and its long-term management plans emphasise on the development of human resources . A team of highly qualified Pharmacist, Microbiologist and Pharmaceutical chemists are responsible for the efficiently managing of the manufacturing units. Every effort is made to establish a committed approach , specially through continuing education programs and specialised training programs.
The question for quality begins with raw materials . Best quality raw materials and excipients are sourced from India and abroad. The Material Management Department uses computerised inventory control systems to maintain a perfect balance between demand and supply.
In ‘JAWA’ manufacturing units, separate sections handle tablets, capsules, drops, ointment & injections each with its laboratory equipped with its best equipments for an inprocess quality check. The strict adherence to GMP standards result in smooth and disciplined working to produse products of high quality.
 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT- A Deep Rooted Culture
At JAWA R&D is an on-going process that provides the base for the development and adoption of innovative methods. R&D also aims at helping the company to achieve self sufficiency in process know-how and technology development. At the fore-front of Applied Chemical Research, JAWA has had considerable success in developing innovative cost effective process technologies for the new generation drugs.

The independent R & D Centre is manned by a dedicated team of scientists. Sophisticated state-of–the–art instruments provide the much needed conveniences for the modern scientists. An extensive library with advanced EDP retrival systems provide immediate access to necessary data. Development work on controlled release dosage forms and drugs with newer delivery systems, which have better bioavailability and are more site specific, are part of our future research plans.
Planning is an integral part of ‘JAWA’. Strategic export planning is carried out by the company through periodic analysis and appraisals of foreign markets in an objective and systematic way.

As ’JAWA’ enters a new challenging phase, its future plans include bigger and better manufacturing facilities for bulk drugs and formulations - an ongoing effort to incorporate new technologies, designs and research developments. Market expansion plans include the establishment of a sales and distribution network in abroad to focus on client needs to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

The strategies of Jawa and aliance are marketing to overseas, in relation of world economical policy alongwith liberation of import and export policy adopted by the Government of India. JAWA GROUP is in a position to start joint ventures, licencing arrangement ,exchange of technology, marketing tie ups or even direct export to Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Cuba, Korea, Dubai and entire African countries.
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